****Translated into the language of aesthetics, we firmly state, standing in front of the six-nippled Kant, that there is no beauty without the interest of liberation!- that is, the goal sanctifies the means. This is how for one this is beautiful and for the other that, each according to hir own liberation. Moreover, a work considered to be ugly by the majority (e.g.: Beuys: Grease-corner) is beautiful for the minority and vice versa (e.g.: the Taj Mahal), what's more, a work considered to be ugly by everybody may be beautiful for everybody, but not vice versa (e.g.: the Venus of Willendorf), what's more, this all can be judged once this way and another time that way, according to the actual stages of the salvation plan of the liberation. The day is near when the bad, in terms of aesthetics, will be determined by the good so much so that the bad which is refused till now will be domesticated and conquered and it will become an object of our admiration.°°°